Catty Cats cat sitter snohomish and king county
Cat Sitting in your home. Purrfection guaranteed
Catty Cat sitter serving Woodinville, Clearview, Bothell, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Snohomish

Catty Cats, a licensed and insured pet sitting service, has been serving Snohomish and northern King Counties for cat sitting since 2005.

Pet Sitting

Catty Cats rate includes care for three cats, litter boxes tended, feeding, watering, playing, lights rotated, mail brought in, and garbage to curb on garbage days.
  • One daily visit (am or pm) $50.00
  • Two daily visits $100.00
Supplemental services or if there are more than 3 cats or if you have bunnies, chickens, goats, turtles, fish, etc. can be discussed. Additional fees will apply.

Additional Fees Will Apply

  • $5 per additional pet
  • $5 per cat if medication is needed.
  • $20 each half hour for indoor or outdoor plant watering service.
  • Locations outside the map will be subject to a surcharge
Payment can be made in cash, check or Zelle.
Please note: Payment is due on the first day service is provided.

Contact Us

Please email us at . We would love to hear from you.

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Let's get started!

It’s easy, and here are some things to know to get started. We’ll need to meet so you can introduce me to your kitties and their routines. I’ll get your emergency contact information including your veterinarian. I’ll also require your keys (to keep for future visits or we can arrange to return) or key codes, and payment is due on the first day service is provided. Please feel free to leave your back-up notes, but I will be taking notes while I’m there with you.

While you are away, you can expect your kitties to be in great hands! Notes on what I’m observing, and photos via email.

Please note: All animals must be in good health prior to my beginning care. If any animal has any medical needs, health issues, this must be discussed prior to a potential assignment of pet sitting. If an animal is deemed in need of a veterinarian, I will first try and contact you to discuss. If the situation is life threatening and I am unable to reach you I will take your pet to an emergency vet. (Owner will provide the veterinarian with credit card payment option.)
serving Woodinville, Clearview, Bothell, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Snohomish
General Service Area

Catty Cat cat sitter serving Woodinville, Clearview, Bothell, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Snohomish
Catty Cat cat sitter serving Woodinville, Clearview, Bothell, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Snohomish
Catty Cat cat sitter serving Woodinville, Clearview, Bothell, Kirkland, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, and Snohomish

What customers are saying about Catty Cats

Buggy (who crossed over the rainbow bridge), Vamp & Suzie / Bothell

I highly recommend Brenda as a sitter for your fur babies. She is fantastic and truly loves kitties. The first time she kitty sat, she came over and did a thorough walk through, met the kitties and went over their routine. She goes above and beyond every time, bringing them toys and treats, and even a heating pad for my old arthritic lady! She is able to get medicine into the cats when needed and spends time hanging out with them, even though they are older and not playful like they used to be. She keeps me updated and sends pictures and always checks in if I forget to make sure I made it home so the kitties don't go without care. Brenda is the best kitty sitter you could ask for!

Alfy and Phryne / Lake Stevens

Brenda is an amazing cat sitter and takes such good care of our cats when we are away. She meets with us in advance of our trip to confirm all the details, sends us pictures and updates while we are away, and goes above and beyond during her visits. If she notices any issues she is also excellent about communicating them immediately. We couldn't be more pleased to have found Brenda and Catty Cats, and highly recommend her cat sitting services.

Miso, Mochi, Sesame (and Nugget - in memory) / Kirkland

Brenda is the best cat sitter we have ever had. She loves our kitties with her whole heart and spends a lot of time making sure they are comfortable while we are gone. Two of them are pretty shy and she has won them over miraculously. Brenda is easy to schedule and talk with, and I love her photo updates. She is the best possible person to trust your cats with!

McGee / Everett

If you're looking for a sitter that specializes in cats, look no further. I had concerns with finding a pet sitter because my cat is extremely shy, but Brenda was able to get him out of hiding and playing with her on the very first day. She does way more than refilling food and cleaning litter. She kept in close contact with me the whole time and sent pics of adorable moments they had together. She's fully endorsed by my cat too! She brought him gifts and treats, and went above and beyond in every possible way. They really bonded. He's a skittish cat so this is really saying a lot. Brenda takes her job seriously and will feel like a family member. Any cat owner would be so lucky to have her watching over their home and precious ones.

Calvin / Medina

We’ve been using Brenda for years to look after Calvin when we’re traveling. Not only does she come in to feed our poor deserted kitty, but she plays with him, brings him toys, brings all kinds of different foods for him to try, and generally spoils him. I get the distinct impression that he’s never that happy to see us come home.

In addition, Brenda keeps a great eye on the house and misses nothing, whether it’s some plants that need watering, a car parked nearby that doesn’t seem to belong, or a package delivery that needs to be signed for. Above all else, Brenda loves cats. She sends us photos of ours while we’re away, like a proud mom, and genuinely seems to love his company. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Hopi / Snohomish

We can wholeheartedly recommend Brenda, owner of Catty Cats, to care for your pet while away.

Our cat Hopi, loves Brenda, who has a great understanding and connection with cats. Not only does she take care of feeding and litter but also plays with him as if he were her cat, providing the human interaction necessary while pet owners are away. Brenda has visited for both brief and longer vacations.

Brenda stays in touch, letting us know if she has any questions and often sends updates on Hopi with pictures.

Brenda has cared for Hopi for over 5 years with complete joy, which gives us total confidence when away.

Olaf / Woodinville

We hire Brenda to take care of our cat any time we go away for 3 days or longer. She loves cats, and they clearly love her -- Brenda goes above and beyond the requirements all the time. She always checks to make sure we're back on time so the cat won't be left without food in case of a cancelled flight.

We once had an ice storm occur while we were out, rendering our neighborhood (up a hill) inaccessible by car. Amazingly, she parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up (at least half a mile) to take care of our cat. We'd have never expected such a thing and would have been fine with her just leaving extra food out for him the day before, and it makes her devotion to cats quite obvious. We've been hiring her for every trip ever since.

Ashley, Lisa, Smokey & Minho / Woodinville

Brenda is one of the most dependable, kind and trustworthy cat sitters that we ever had. She always shows great care and concern for our four cats, she's actively engaged with all of them and stays in communication with us on a daily basis while we are away. I loved how Brenda demonstrated attention to details around the house and was promptly engaged with us if anything unexpectedly happened. We could not ask for a better cat sitter!

Clementine and Alphie / Bellevue

Brenda was fantastic! I was out of town for a few weeks and needed someone to take care of my two cats while I was out. One of the cats has special medical needs so I didn't feel comfortable bringing him to a shelter. Brenda took care of them the whole time and gave me regular updates about how they were doing, including pictures. She also went out of her way to try out different toys with them to see what they'd respond to and did some light training based on behavior issues I'd noticed (like clawing up the rug). Would definitely recommend Brenda to anyone in need of a cat sitter :)

Pixel, Piper, Milo and Mabel (and Joy, in memory) / Duvall

Catty Cats is our peace of mind. We have trusted Brenda with the care of our cats and our home for over 16 years. It is a comfort when we are away, that our sweet fluffy family members are being well loved. We look forward to the photos Brenda sends with tales of their happy adventures until our return.